our journey

Saur Cottages are the fruitful result of a journey that began with an idea in 2010. Our continuing objective is to create tourism experiences unique to Uttarakhand that celebrate the people and pride of place in rural villages. We concentrated on initial efforts in Saur Village and a 1930’s cottage in need of considerable restoration with owners who were willing to have their unoccupied house repurposed. We aim to maintain a natural balance between people and nature in a way that encourages young people to remain in their villages, as there are opportunities to be employed in the area. This idea involves an interaction between villagers and architects, entrepreneurs, trainers, outdoor travel experts, community catalysts and local, regional and state government. Though the reality of an idea is often different from its’ origin, DueNorth has managed to stay true to the idea of new home-stay tourism in rural villages.

Conservation & Restoration

DueNorth has achieved success by working with the community, using locally available materials, reflecting traditional craft practice in building techniques, and merging this with modern conveniences for the comfort of visitors we provide comfortable accommodations in a marvelous location. Efficient use of water, forest resources and the human capital of the villagers work in combination to benefit both the people and the place where they live. The community that benefits from something new does not easily understand the time and resources it takes to start this project. Our success in starting with one renovation and home-stay will leverage the availability of funds for other communities to build more projects along the same line.

Community Engagement

We enable local households to retain ownership of their land. They own & manage the upgraded facilities themselves. This leads to a sense of pride and empowerment of local communities.

Skill Building

We help train village communities to leverage traditional hospitality skills and their unwritten knowledge of nature to create conditions that will attract & engage visitors. Craft based skill building is also incorporated as part of integrated livelihood initiative for the whole community including women.


Saur cottages’ marketing is handled by organization’s online marketing portal. We are also collaborating with tourism agencies to promote rural tourism destination.

Saur Fellowship Program

The Saur Fellowship is an ongoing 6 month program which is a collaboration between DueNorth and Project FUEL. Under this program, two fellows, Revati Kulkarni and Lipi Ramola are currently staying in Saur and teaching English and Computers to the village children and young adults from September 2017 to February 2018. They are also handling the sustainability of ectourism for DueNorth-Saur Cottages. This initiative aims at enabling the village youth and children alike through quality education, in skills of language and computers that would empower them for better employment in the future. 

WiseWall Project

The WiseWall Project was spearheaded by Project FUEL with the unique purpose of documenting life lessons of the villagers of Saur and bringing them to life through paintings on the walls. In the month of June, DueNorth hosted several volunteers and members of the organisation, who painted vibrant and beautiful patterns and portraits on the walls of the entire village. This was an art initiative which aimed to highlight the issue of migration and intended to bring the rural ways to life, through visual representation. 

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